Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amusing Inspiration

Have you ever watched Ace of Cakes or any of the cake challenges on the Food Network? I love those shows and will stay up way past my bedtime to watch the final amazing creations the bakers come up with. I like decorating cakes and I tried my hand with fondant for the first time at Evan's birthday party in March. It was okay, and I definitely learned a lot in the process. I only got two pictures of that cake, but here they are:

I have to step up my techniques though because I have offered to bake a cake for my friend Ali's baby shower in November. It is still several months away, but I want Ali's cake to be perfect--so I hope to find my inspiration, then practice, practice, practice.

Last night, I was looking for some ideas and found a hilarious blog-- Cake Wrecks. It is a "professional cakes gone wrong" type of site and is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I had tears rolling down my face.

This is one cake that I will not be making for Ali's shower:

I'm sure she'll be relieved. I can't even bring myself to post the picture of the cake that depicts, in icing, a woman actually giving birth to a baby, but you can check it out here. I can't imagine the look on Ali's face if I were to show up with THAT cake!

This isn't a baby shower cake, but the story behind it definitely had me laughing until I cried, just like it promised. If you want a good laugh, read it here.

I spent too much time looking at the ridiculous cakes, which means I didn't come away with a good design idea for Ali's cake. I still think it was time well spent though. I'll keep looking and will keep you posted on what I find. Then, I will spend the next few months practicing and Bryan will be my willing taste tester!


TheWallinFamily said...

I love watching Ace of Cakes! The cake you made for Evan's birthday looks fabulous. I can't believe that was your first attempt! Good luck with the cake for the shower. I'm sure it'll be great.

I read the fireman cake story. The "hose" part was really funny, but I can't get over the hat on the fireman. Is it really supposed to be a hat or is it a giant bow? Don't they do a test run with their cake decorators to make sure they can actually decorate before hiring them??? I've seen the picture of the woman giving birth cake before. Too funny! I would think it was hilarious if someone showed up to my shower with that. Haha.

Maquel said...

Those cakes are pretty funny! Wow! I can't believe you made Evan's birthday cake. It looks so professional. Seriously, you could open a business.

Rebecca C. said...

This is hilarious! I never knew you wanted to bake cakes too - I have always wanted to get into it and learn all about fondant. The birthday cake looks awesome! Good job on your first try!

Ali said...

Evan's cake was just gorgeous. I am so excited to see what you will create for my shower! Oh yes, and I will gladly volunteer myself to be your helper and cake-tester when Bryan is unavailable. :)

Melissa said...

Thanks Mindy for setting the bar so high for first birthday cakes, and here I thought I could get away with a store bought cake for Hailee's. Well, not now. :-) Seriously though that is awesome, you did a great job!

Allison said...

Girl - you are talented! I'm sure Ali's cake will be beautiful. (And if Bryan ever tires of his role as taster, I'll be happy to be a stand in.) I had no idea that Ali was expecting - so congrats to her!

Thanks also for sharing the fireman cake story. I was laughing out loud too. Good stuff.