Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Evan-- after I wrote my letter to you, your dad reminded me of all the other signs you can do that I didn't list. I don't want to shortchange you! You can also make the sign for airplane (and you make a very serious face when you do it), water (your favorite sign, since you love splashing so much), banana, elephant, eat, cracker and apple. One of the newest signs you've started doing is all done, which typically comes right before you start throwing your food on the floor. You can also make the signs for mom and dad and you've made up your own sign for Tag (your best buddy).

Granny gave you Tag before you were even born and there is no doubt he is your buddy. You can't sleep without him, but you still have a tendency to toss him from your crib and then shout, "Tag! Tag! Tag! Tag!" until we come in and hand him to you or you colapse from sheer exhaustion. Tag is pretty ratty now, but you still love him just the same!

We had a close call a few months ago when we lost Tag for two days. You were inconsolable and couldn't sleep unless you were laying on top of me. Not just by me, but on top of me. Neither of us slept much those nights. We knew we had lost Tag somewhere in the neighborhood while we were walking to the park. We retraced our steps over and over again, but didn't have any luck. On the third day, I decided to see if posting missing posters would bring us any luck.

Just as I was hanging the last poster, I looked over in someone's yard and saw a small tuft of yellow poking out from a picnic table. We rushed over and pulled out Tag! You reached out and grabbed him, even though he was soaking wet from two days of rain. I was so happy I cried. Ever since then, we've vowed not to let Tag leave the house. We slipped this month when he went with us on a quick outing, but he never got out of the car. Your dad and I wonder how long you're going to pack Tag around, but you can have him as long as you need him! We'll do our best to make sure he never gets lost.

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Allison said...

I remember the drama of the lost Tag! I wondered what had happened. I'm so relieved you found him! (And I love the Lost Bear posters - you'd better keep one of those for posterity.)