Monday, August 11, 2008

Here Boy

Evan loves dogs. Big dogs. Small dogs. Hyper dogs. Lazy dogs. He'll take them any which way. We spend a good portion of our time either:

a) annoying the neighbors by asking if we can play with their dogs

b) walking through the neighborhood looking for dogs and/or

c) if mama is tired, sitting at the window waiting for a dog to pass by our house.

By 10:00 on Saturday morning, we had already exhausted options a and b and were on to c.

Our "dog watching" routine starts with perching Evan on the back of our sofa so he can get a good view out of our front window. Then we watch and wait.

Nothing yet. Evan is a very sad boy.

Then, pay dirt! A dog! A dog! Can you believe it? A dog! Evan's smiles are followed by him panting (I'm not sure why he hasn't tried to imitate a bark yet) and patting his leg furiously to make the sign for dog.

One of these days, buddy, we'll get you a dog of your very own. I promise. But not anytime soon! In the meantime, I promise to hold your hand while we scour the neighborhood and I'll keep pestering the neighbors, even though I'm a little embarrassed at times at the frequency of our requests. I love how much you love dogs, even if it does mean I occassionally have to leave the house while I'm still in my pajamas to take advantage of a dog passing by.

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