Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Old and Comfortable vs. New and Clean

This weekend when I was changing the sheets on our bed, I decided it was finally time to part with our pillows. I've been thinking about it for a while, adding up how long it has been since I bought new pillows and then trying not to think about how many dust mites must be going to bed with us each night. Even though I know we SHOULD get new pillows, I actually thought the old ones were really comfortable. So comfortable that I am only parted with them because they were, I'll admit it, a bit disgusting.

Yesterday was our first night with the new pillows, which are still too hard and too thick for my liking. I knew I had to make a clean break from the old pillows or I'd be reverting back in the middle of the night. I threw them in the trash OUTSIDE before bed. I was regretting that move terribly around midnight when I woke up and my neck was in a 90 degree angle. I was so desperate I almost got out of bed to rescue my old, dust-mite riddled and now trash-covered pillows, but I didn't do it. Mainly because I'm scared of the dark.

I always have a tendency to jump in with both feet. The plus side of that is I take new risks that I would have probably avoided if I spent more time thinking about them. The downside is that I make plenty of mistakes while I'm finding my feet and things can be uncomfortable until everything has a chance to settle in--and I'm not just talking about the pillows.

Bryan and I are taking on some major changes, which are exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. I am sure everything is going to come together, but we still have lots of details to take care of. I know that everything always works out. And, as for the pillows, if night two doesn't go a little better, I think I'll try running over mine with the car a few times to see if I can break it in! See--there is always a way!

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Anonymous said...

You are inspiring both for switching the pillows and for all of the other changes you are making. :)