Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday we took Evan to the National Zoo in downtown D.C. It was the first time Bryan used the navigation system he got me for my car. As we were making all the twists and turns on the one-way D.C. streets, he kept declaring that the system had paid for itself, which is kind of funny because he graciously used a giftcard Deloitte gave him to buy it for me, so we didn't actually pay for it (although I certainly appreciate that Bryan decided to spend his giftcard on me).

Evan was all smiles at the zoo (both real smiles and the scrunched up fake smile he does for the camera). He was also able to use a lot of his signs. Here he was telling me the hippo was taking a bath.

He made the sign for elephant, but I didn't capture it with the camera. He also makes a trumpeting sound.

Evan and mom sharing a little laugh.

I wonder how long he'll be doing this fake smile! I sure do think it is cute though.

We had a really fun day, and the best part is that the zoo is free. The parking is $20 though!!!

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