Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How We Spend Our Days

I was just cleaning some photos off the computer and got caught up in looking at all the old pictures. I wonder if I'll ever get used to watching Evan grow up. Last year, our Halloween pumpkin was quite a bit bigger than Evan!

We don't have a Halloween pumpkin on our porch this year. Even if we did, I doubt I could get Evan to sit next to it while I took a picture. He'd rather be playing with balls or sticks this year! I hate to tell my friends and family in Utah, but we're having 80-degree weather here in Northern Virginia. We've been taking advantage of it with trips to the park and long walks in the neighborhood.

Today when we went on a walk, I grabbed a set of keys and headed out the door. I was hot and tired and Evan was ready for a nap by the time we made it home, so I couldn't wait to unlock the door. I grabbed the keys out of my pocket only to realize I had grabbed the car keys, not the house keys when leaving the house. Hmmm...a lot of good that did. My neighbor that has my set of keys was gone. But, then I remembered another neighbor has that neighbor's keys, so I went to her house and explained my predicament. She gave me the set of keys to my neighbor's house, so I unlocked my neighbor's house to get my set. Sometimes I feel like I stepped straight out of an I Love Lucy episode. Needless to say, we made it in...and promptly returned our keys to the neighbor when she got home and explained the whole situation!

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MelissaF said...

I Love Lucy, is my all time favorite show. I always tell Jas I was meant to be the 1950's I Love Lucy wife, he tells me I am not dingy enough, but lately after having Hailee I think I am fulfilling that requirement. I have every I Love Lucy episode ever made on DVD.