Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mo Mo

In the past month Evan has fallen in love with Elmo (or as he calls him, Mo Mo). We watch Mo Mo on t.v. and on the computer and we sing Mo Mo songs. We're not quite sure how he came to love Elmo, since Bryan and I never promoted it, but all the same, we're becoming an Elmo household.

So, imagine my horror a few weeks ago when I learned, gasp, I had missed the pre-sale for this season's hot new Elmo. I was conducting an interview with Fisher-Price for a feature story I am writing on holiday marketing when the conversation turned to Elmo. I figured there would be some new Elmo toy this season, but had no idea the pre-sale started in August.

The woman I was interviewing told me I'd have to wait until Elmo Live hit stores on Oct. 14. I called my mom lamenting that I'd missed the pre-sale and now would have to take my chances in the store. She said she'd like to get Mo Mo for Evan and marked her calendar. Grandma Roz is a crafty one, so she went to K-Mart yesterday (on the eve of the great Elmo release) and got the scoop. She learned they had only gotten in nine Elmos that would be on display in the front of the store when it opened at 8:00 this morning.

Then, she went home and called Wal-Mart, which opens two hours before K-Mart. Wal-Mart only received eight Elmos. That means that there were only seventeen Elmos for all of Price, Utah! Grandma Roz left the house a little before 6:00 this morning so she could be sure to grab the first Elmo off the display. Whew! I am certain Evan will love it and we can all rest a little easier knowing we have our Elmo!

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Maquel said...

It's funny what kids end up being obsessed with. Stockton's latest kick is Dora the Explorer and that appeared out of the blue, too. I'm glad you got your hands on an elmo. Obviously, those are hard to come by!

I'm so excited that you guys are coming to Utah in December! I feel like you're my new favorite friend even though I've only met you once!