Thursday, October 23, 2008

Head Gear

It has taken us two weeks, but we finally were able to find a helmet for our toddler son who has a head the size of an adults. We've made several purchases and several returns, but we scored success with the Bell Multi-sport Helmet in an adult size small.

A lot of the helmets we tried stuck out in the back, which would push Evan's head down when he was riding in the bike trailer. He was a pretty good sport about it, but watching your knees during an hour-long bike ride isn't much fun. The round kiddie helmets we tried were all WAY too small for Evan. We found this one at a specialty bike shop and asked a clerk if Evan could try it on. She told is it was an adult size and would be too big. We smiled and explained he has a really big head for his age. She did agree with us though that it doesn't LOOK that big.

She put it on him and voila! Evan has a new bike helmet. I think it looks like he could ride on a motorcycle with that thing.

Evan has always liked wearing things on his head--hats, helmets, lampshades, Tupperware bowls. I think that might be why he is loving his Halloween costume so much. We saw it at the Disney Store and Evan immediately picked it up and started hugging it. I had to buy it, so say hello to Donald Duck!

We gave the costume a test run yesterday at a dress-up birthday party. Evan wore it the whole time! One of the moms told me she thought the head would be a little top heavy...Evan was able to pull it off though.

We're going to trick-or-treat at a few of the neighbors' houses, so he should stay nice and toasty warm!


Sandy said...

I love the costume and the helmet. He looks like a skateboarder or BMX rider with that helmet-so cute!

TheWallinFamily said...

That is the cutest costume ever!!! I'm glad you found a helmet, too. :)

MelissaF said...

He looks sooo cute in that costume!

Allison said...

This might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

I so love his smile in the first helmet pic!