Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trunk or Treat...or is it Trick or Trunk?

Today Evan attended his first ever Trunk or Treat at the church where he goes to preschool. He loves sporting his Donald Duck costume and caught on to the whole concept of getting candy from strangers really quickly. He had one good scare from a well-intentioned clown when we first arrived, but, admit it, clowns can be a little scary!

One little girl was fascinated with him and kept touching him. Evan is quite used to his adoring fans, so he took it all in stride.
Bryan is usually the one sneaking candy behind Evan's back, but this time he was the one to suggest we let Evan open up a package of mini M&Ms he had gotten. Evan was on cloud nine and was shoving the candy in his mouth as fast as he could.

Obviously we aren't going to let Evan actually eat much of his candy, which is why I was really happy to see a Baby Ruth in the stash. I was also disappointed when Evan grabbed a banana Laffy Taffy instead of a Butterfinger from one man's trunk. I'm going to have to train him for future Halloweens.

Evan quacked and waddled (although, the waddle is intentional) his way to a playground at the church and had a little more fun before we headed home.

Thanks to everyone at the church for such a fun afternoon!


Maquel said...

I love his costume! He looks adorable!

Ali said...

What an adorable costume and little boy!!