Saturday, October 11, 2008

Toddler Craft: Gift Tags

The first Toddler Craft Day I did with Evan was such a hit that we decided we couldn't wait until next week to craft again. Yesterday's project? Gift tags!

We made a few different versions of tags and some clothespin reindeer that will be adorning our Christmas gifts. Here Evan, dressed in one of my old t-shirts, is creating his abstract reindeer tags.

Then we moved on to the thumbprint reindeer tags.

And finally we made some clothespin reindeer, which were actually a little advanced for Evan. It was more like Advanced Placement Toddler Crafting (or remedial mommy crafting, which is about my level!).

I hope we can find some cute reindeer wrapping paper to match all of our reindeer tags!


Becca said...

Those are too cute. I hope I can remember these when the twins get a little bigger. I absolutely love the tags!

MelissaF said...

What...Christmas crafts, come on Mindy it is the middle of October. Let's not be rushing things, I mean just because I am almost done Christmas shopping. Seriously though I love the crafts, I can't wait to craft with Hailee.

Pasifik said...

It's really nice and cute!

Keep posting,