Thursday, October 30, 2008

It Was Nineteen Eighty Something

My cousin Tracey posted this photo of one of her childhood costume birthday parties on her blog and I am so glad she did! For years my brother and I have shuddered in horror as we've retold the stories about the year our mom dressed up like a chicken, but until now, we've had no photographic evidence!

Yes, folks, the woman in the yellow chicken suit is my mom--I'm the one with the pom pom standing next to her. My, my--the chicken costume. The first time I laid eyes upon the chicken suit was at my elementary school Halloween festival. The cafeteria had been transformed into a mecca of treats and tricks with lots of parents volunteering. Of course every kid immediately noticed the chicken. A group of kids, including me, got closer to take a look. My mom said she was sure I wouldn't know it was her. The kids were all wondering who it was when, all of a sudden, I recognized my moms eyes behind the tiny cut outs. Her version of the story has me groaning and crying out in horror, "It's my mom!"

I think she was disappointed by my reaction, and in hindsight, it did sure show a lot of spirit for her to a) volunteer for my school festival and b) get in a costume. It was a bit embarrassing for my fragile grade-school ego.

Undeterred by my reaction, my mom decided to show off the costume for my brother Duane, who had to have been around 16 or 17. She did this BY MEETING HIM AT THE BUS STOP IN HER CHICKEN SUIT! And I thought I was embarrassed. Can you imagine how detrimental that had to have been for a high school student? I'm surprised he didn't just die right there on the spot. His version of the story not only has her meeting him at the bus stop but also flapping her wings, strutting around and scratching at the ground with her feet.

Now, I can't guarantee that my memory (or Duane's or my mom's memories for that matter) have captured the events as they actually happened, but they have made for some great stories over the years.

My mom doesn't actually read my blog, so she'll probably never see this, but I do have to give her credit for her creativity and enthusiasm! And helping us make memories that will last and last. I also have to give her a hard time for the thrown-together cheerleader outfit I'm sporting. I used to wear that sweatshirt to school and, come on, a poodle skirt, really? What was the team mascot? It looks like she at least let me put on some blue the real cheerleaders wear. I asked her about it last night and she said with a laugh, "It worked, didn't it?" She is right--it did! I can't argue with that.


Becca said...

We sure had a lot of fun back then, didn't we? And what the heck am I? I can't figure it out.

Ali said...

So cute. But wait, don't I have a picture of you a few Halloweens ago dressed as a chicken...or at least something with feathers?!? does that saying go? Like mother... :)

jfm said...

Oh Juanita's chicken costume! What great use we all got out of that darling costume. I remember wearing it to bowling and having to take off the head so I could see to bowl....good excuse for my score- huh. This is the first I'm hearing of the bus stop antics!Points for Mom!!
Aunt Janice

Anonymous said...

This was the funniest story I have read in a while. Great early morning humor to get the day started. Here I was sitting in the kitchen having my breakfast before work, being quiet and behaving myself when I started reading this. I laughed so hard I realized I had tears in my eyes, think it was the imagines I was coming up with while reading it. Thaks for posting this Mindy and making my day start out so great and thanks to your mom for beeing such a great sport even though as a child it was such a tramatic event. Betty

Mindy said...

Ali was right--I too did sport a chicken costume a few yers ago. The problem wasn't the costume--it was that she wore it to my school!!! :-)